Riding with Augie

October 16, 2012

Riding with Augie. Augie is One of my clients. He is a 17 hand draft cross, and has been dealing with intermittent lameness for quite some time that remains a mystery. He has been given some exercises to do and one of them is to work over cavalettis spaced a certain distance apart, both in hand and under saddle. Tenley, (his person), asked if I would help so that she could video him for his next visit to the vet. I decided to use the bareback pad, and took him through his exercises and since we were only walking I decided To challenge myself a bit. I have been auditing some parelli lessons, and the folks that are riding are practicing weighting the stirrup to ask for a turn. I had been practicing using leg cues for turning but had never weighted my stirrup. Also i have been having a difficult time using my thigh rather than my heel and calf with my cues. Well, on a bare back pad, I had no stirrups. I decided to pretend, an amazing thing happened! The pressure moved from my calf to my thigh, and Augie responded beautifully. I’m far more comfortable under a horse than on its back, and becoming a better and more confident rider is one of my goals. I feel like I made great progress in that direction these last few days.

Magic Morning

March 7, 2011

Sometimes the magic is so close to the surface that it almost knocks me over. This is one of those mornings. It is a combination of the sun sparkling on the snow, the smell of the air, the color of the light, the sound of the rushing water from the flooding rains of the last few days and the joy of the birds beginning their spring activities. The beauty is astounding and it is moments like this that remind me that the beauty is always there, if I’m not seeing it, then it is my perspective that is off!

planting time

March 5, 2011

The snow has gone, the spring rains are here, coltsfoot is blooming and it is time to garden. Digging in the dirt  always makes me feel good. I have a hankering for ramps, and cuckoo weed. Spinach seeds are in the ground and the more delicate seeds are being started indoors. The rain today is perfect for the first of the little guys to be outside experiencing the big world. Soon we will be able to step out the door and pick our dinner. We are going to try to grow amaranth and quinoa this year. We have not attempted to grow grains before so it will be interesting to see how it goes. One potato two potatoes red potatoes blue potatoes!



All the pretty horses

March 5, 2011

It is an interesting thing working with so many different horses. Each personality is unique. Attitude, fears, likes and dislikes all need to be taken into account. My attitude, fears, likes and dislikes also come into play. Being under a horse requires clear attention and intention on my part. The horse must trust me or he will not stand quietly for me. The process of gaining a horses trust for trimming is a beautiful thing. Here I am, a predator, taking out a leg and I am asking him to stand quietly and accept me! The horse clearly reflects my emotional and mental state. I have found that they are very accepting of me if I am honest with them. If I lie and try to trick them into thinking I’m in a great mood when I’m actually very grumpy, they will undoubtedly let me know!